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What we do with your Mailchimp API integration

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Mobile and social functionalities

We can smooth your campaigns and make your marketing plans viable by using Mailchimp. Mailchimp works with over 300 apps and services so we can connect it to any of your other systems. Plus, usage is free.

As you expect from a modern ‘in-the-moment’ marketing automator as Mailchimp is, you can create fluent Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns. We will implement them into your website.

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Automated marketing

A visitor wants to be updated on a jobfeed? We automate the process through the Mailchimp API. Maybe you want visitors to get specific social ads? We’ll connect the data needed.

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Custom integration

We can integrate Mailchimp in such a way that you can set up a mailing list in Mailchimp. We will be able to create a template for your mail. And we’ll make sure your website sends them through a sophisticated network of triggers.

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Data tracking

Mailchimp can tack data analysis a step further. Not only can they track your campaign, but they can even let you A/B test. And we can create your A and B. You’ll always know what your users want.

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Forms and surveys

Mailchimp can also create forms and we can take those forms and shape them any way you want. Want them to look like any other form on your website? No problem. Want to be able to track the data from the form in Mailchimp? We got you covered.

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