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Lift your website by automating your marketing interaction with Dotmailer.

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Mobile and social functionalities

Being one of the oldest automated marketeer tools around, our experience with Dotmailer is extensive. We have integrated them into our websites for over a decade.

Dotmailer provides an SMS service which functions in 156 countries. Considering an SMS (or app) will be read within 3 minutes on average, makes a mobile strategy a successful strategy. BitAgency can provide an integrated service to make this possible.

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Automated marketing

Automating your marketing workflow with Dotmailer’s interface is easy. BitAgency can provide the architecture and you can plan it through Dotmailer. The Program Builder that’s provided is smooth and well designed. Automation saves time.

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Custom integration

We are able to integrate all of Dotmailers functionalities in a custom built way. You want triggers to act on your behalf? We’ll set them. You want direct links between outgoing mails and live job feeds? We can set it up.

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Data tracking

Seeing how Dotmailer likes to work with CRM and ATS’ we’re comfortable with too, accessing the data generated by your campaigns will be a clear and easy process. No need for manual imports with Dotmailers real-time data synchronization.  

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Forms and surveys

You want to manage the data flowing through your forms in Dotmailer? Or even better: set the form up in Dotmailer and let us take care of the styling? This is all possible and we'd be happy to set it up for you.

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