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'Automagically' powered websites

Bit Agency's technology makes it easy

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'Automagically' powered websites

Bit Agency's technology makes it easy

Drag & drop content editor

Create content pages fast and easy with the drag & drop editor.

Snippets are small blocks of editable content that can be used to easily populate any part of a page with customizable content. The Snippet Manager comes with a collection of predefined Snippets.

  • Drag & drop content Snippets.
  • Easily duplicate, remove and reorder content.
  • Fully responsive content.
  • Error-free, HTML / CSS markup stays untouched.
  • No technical knowledge required.
  • Preview the page for various screen sizes.
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Security & user management

Whether you need a public website, a secure intranet or a hybrid solution with both a public and a private area, our security model serves all.

Registered users can be grouped into various customizable roles and access can be granted on a per page or per section basis.

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Content types

The CMS services a broad variety of content types. 
The most common types are: 

  • Rich content pages
  • Blog & news sections
  • FAQs
  • Downloadables
  • Image galleries
  • And much more...
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Form generator

You do the thinking and let the CMS handle the rest.

The CMS features an easy to use form generator which supports all commonly used form elements (textboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, file uploads etc).

Submitted data is available in the CMS and email notifications can be created based on the form input. You will never miss a message from your website!

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the key towards your online success.

The CMS comes with a large set of automatically available SEO features and tools like clean URLs, META data management, Social tagging, user tracking support, auto generated HTML & XML sitemaps, performance features like CSS and javascript bundling and much more.

Our SEO specialist can help you to use all of the tools to their full potential.

What is SEO consultancy?
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Navigation & Publishing

As part of the CMS, we have created a broad variety of navigation features like navigation menu's, sitemaps and site-search functionality based on keywords.

Visibility in the navigation modules can be assigned per page or per site section.

Besides visibility in navigation, it is also possible to schedule when a certain page needs to be published or unpublished.

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Custom development

If just the 'standard' functionality is not enough, it will be possible to combine our CMS with custom add-ons tailored to your needs.

Just let us know what you want to achieve and we will get you there.

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