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Bit Agency Cloud Hosting

Our easy enterprise grade hosting solution

Enterprise Class Hosting

The advantage for owning and maintaining our own platform means we can deliver better quality due to less parties involved. There are virtually no third party dependencies and we have the best insight in infrastructure possible. We continuously monitor about 500 digital sensors, which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Knowing the platform inside-out ultimately means better security and instant troubleshooting capability, as we do not have to wait for a third party to act.

Green Dell servers
Dell storage servers

Crack team of engineers

Our crack team of system & networking engineers monitor our platform 24/7. At the first sign of trouble we act ourselves. This is included standard with our hosting solution. And we do business directly with our datacenter and uplink provider Interconnect, which means we do not have to rely on an intermediate party. For even higher levels of service we optionally offer custom solutions.

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Wires with green light in hub
Dell server mall

Dual datacenter option

Our platform has been built with resilience in mind. With our standard High Availability features we aim to ensure an agreed level of operational performance and uptime for a higher than normal period. We have achieved this by using redundant components for our hardware. This is backed up with 4 hour mission critical support for key components with our hardware providers.

But the possibilities don't end here. Our platform is optionally available as a dual datacenter solution. This means when a complete datacenter goes black, we are able to get your website back online in no time, even instantly! 

Building datacenter
Building datacenter

Partners and certificates

Bit Agency is partner to various global technology market leaders. Through their partnership programs, Bit Agency is able to provide high-end software, hardware and top quality development solutions.

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