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Full feature website with Vincere Integration

Need a brand new website with Vincere CRM integration?

Bit Agency partnered with Vincere and are their recommended provider for full feature, customizable websites. We are a digital services provider with over 17 years of experience in the recruitment industry. Customer satisfaction is important to us and we aim for a long term relationship where you can rely on our expertise in digital recruitment.

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Candidate functionality

The more conversions, the more you earn. We build websites keeping this in focus. Therefore applying for jobs is fast and easy. We offer quick apply through platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn and Monsterboard.

Candidates can create an online account and come back to apply at any time and any place. Within the candidate area, candidates can keep there profile up-to-date, manage their daily job alerts, view search and job application history and much more.

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Job posting through Vincere

Any job added in Vincere will display on your website automatically.

Jobs are listed in a user friendly job search section. The job search features filters like keyword search, location / distance,  industry, position type, salary etc. Any filter you can think of, we can make.

The job search generates URL friendly search listings based on available filter sets for optimal indexation by search engines. Besides automated SEO, any job listing can be extended with Search Engine Optimized content.

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Capturing candidate data

Candidate data will be send to Vincere automatically.  

Common conversion points are: direct job application, open job application and full candidate registration.

Managing your website

Bit Agency offers an enterprise grade Content Management System to maintain your website. 

Some of the included features are: 

  • Drag & drop content editor
  • Security & user management
  • Wide variety in supported content types
  • Form generator
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Navigation & Publishing
  • Cloud Hosting

Besides existing features, we offer to build custom functionality at a fair price.

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Mobile friendly web design

Site Design

We are experts in graphic and web design. It doesn't matter to us whether we need to design something completely new, evolve a design or implement an existing design or house-style.

Mobile devices are the window to your website. All of our work will support smartphone, tablet, notebook devices and even old fashioned desktop computers.

Online Marketing

Online marketing

Without proper online marketing even the best website is selling itself short. It's key to drive relevant traffic to your website better than the competition does.

Bit Agency can help you in several ways, even if you don't have your own marketing team.

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