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Let us publish your recruitment website, via an HR4You integration.

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Bit Agency uses an HR4You integration to run your recruitment website with utmost care.

Our HR4You integration make use of their accelerated application processes, with just a click on one of our buttons. You need less data maintenance and more overview? HR4You makes it work through us.

Also HR4You offers job advertisements, and through our fully customisable frontend bring these straight to your future applicants.

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Candidate functionality

We can utilize HR4You’s special functions from bringing a CV parser to your website to one-click applications via Monsterboard.

You want to manage your applicants skills and talents to fit their future employers? You got it. Our custom tailored solution can bring the HR4You integration to it’s fullest potential.

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Job posting with HR4You

We can created a platform for the HR4You integrated solutions like multi-stage approval processes which can all be custom designed to your visual wishes.

All the HR4You filters can be integrated into our job boards in any way you want. You want extra filters? We’ll arrange it with HR4You, all to your benefit.

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Capturing candidate data

All data will be transferred to HR4You automatically where their API will provide with a clear overview.

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