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Bring the fastest Applicant Tracking System to your website, 

with Bit Agency.

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We can bring Bullhorns cloud based ATS solutions to your website.

Bullhorn’s long history in their respective discipline makes them a great Bit Agency partner. Their goal to be agile fast and reliable is a goal shared by us.

We will make your recruitment website up to 40% faster, with up to 43% more placements, through the Bullhorn ATS.

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Candidate functionality

You can increase your amount of candidates in no time by letting us utilize the Bullhorn ATS for you. You want to create endless application forms? We custom design them for your and send the data straight back to Bullhorn.

You want these candidates to autofill jobs? Done. You want your candidates to access Bullhorn’s excellent candidate experience through your own portal? No problem, let us build you one.

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Job posting through Bullhorn

Any job on Bullhorn is also on your website, we will make sure of that. ANd if you need to filter through these jobs? We got that covered. You want to use Bullhorns filters which your recruiter has setup? Easy.

Or do you rather invent your own filters to make your job board function just the way your candidates want to? No problem, access our custom made CMS and let us design you a nice frontend.

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Capturing candidate data

Access Bullhorn’s cloud based data filled with data generated by us, on your website. Get to know your candidate through our Bullhorn ATS integration. Automated processes all the way.

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