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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Bit Agency knows how to play 'the game' better than your competition

Content Optimisation

Together we will find the keywords your target audience is using online to search for the services that you provide. Using the results of this keyword research, we determine the most relevant keywords and process them in a search engine friendly manner into your website.

Technical Optimisation

A website with technical problems wastes time and effort used in the other 2 optimisation steps. Therefore, we will visit your website in the same way search engine 'spiders', like GoogleBot, do.

This scan will reveal technical problems, such as duplicate content, too complex site architecture, 404 errors and low page speed. And there's more. Much more.

Link Building / Earning

Do you have any idea which websites are linking to your website? We will find those existing links and can help you with obtaining additional valuable and relevant links to your website.

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