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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Did you tweak your website and it still doesn't rank high on the results of search engines like Google? Does your search for SEO advice on the internet result in conflicting opinions? SEO is one of Bit Agency's cornerstones, so get in touch with us. Bit Agency can help you for sure, even if your site hasn't been created by us...

What we can do for you
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Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Do you want to reach your target audience through paid results in the Google search engine? We can help you set up your Google Adwords campaign and be highly successful.

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Website Analytics

Using Google Analytics we can map all traffic to your website and measure the impact of your online marketing efforts. Knowledge is power, allowing you to make decisions based on facts and numbers.

We can provide you with a Google Analytics Dashboard, producing a summary of your website's most important data.

Additionally we use Google Tag Manager to make it even easier to 'tag' your website.

Our Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification ensures a comprehensive and up-to-date source of knowledge.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing offers various methods to get in touch with your customers. Due to many years of experience Bit Agency can help you develop or improve your Email Marketing strategy. We can help you with all, or the individual steps of the process. This includes support for planning Campaigns, Do’s and Don’t regarding your contacts database and getting clients to Opt-In, Designing & Coding of the needed mail template, textual & image content and tracking & interpreting of campaign results.

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