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Good advice is half the battle. As a client you simply can’t know everything about something that’s not your core business. However, our core business is precisely to know about topics like Web Development, Content Management, House-Style Development & Implementation, Usability, Corporate Identity, Responsive Design, SEO, SEA, Web Statistics & Analytics, Email Marketing, Social Media, Front Office & Third-party Integration and Web Services. To name 'a few'...

Matrix Marketing

Online Marketing

You can have a great website, but without proper online marketing it won't be more than a digital business card. The key is to drive relevant traffic to your website.

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Project management

Do you have trouble managing your digital strategy and online projects? We have gained a huge amount of experience managing and developing both medium and large IT projects.

Bit Agency can play a key role in your project team, to take the burden of project management off your shoulders.

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