What is Narrowcasting?

4 March 2016

Narrowcasting is a way to approach one or more target groups, at a specific place, and at specific times through audio / visual displays. The intention is that the content will be as much as possible tailored to the needs of the specific audience. 

Narrowcasting is the exact opposite of Broadcasting where the target audience consists of a very wide and dispersed group of people.

Narrowcasting in practice

Through our research and innovation platform, we have launched a Narrowcasting system for amateur soccer club SC Millingen as part of our Sponsor program. The Narrowcasting system in their clubhouse now features important club news, match results, competition agenda's, pupil of the week and much more. The entire narrowcasting system is powered by data provided though their CMS in the www.scmillingen.nl website.

Want to learn more about Narrowcasting?

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