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Our work

Our Content Management System makes us stand out from the rest. The system provides our clients with a fast and easy way to publish content and reach their target audience with the click of a button.

We develop high-end, top quality online web solutions. Key features include drag-and-drop content management, SEO optimisation, third party integrations, custom cloud hosting and more.

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Meet our team

Clients that draw on Bit Agency for their online presence will find that we make a difference. With our long and extensive experience in both online environments and the recruitment industry, we are more than just any web development company. Meet our team and learn a bit more about our expertises and interests.

Meet our team

Our history

Bit Agency was founded in 1979 as an advertising agency called Achten Reklame, later to be renamed as Bureau Achten. At the time a monumental farmhouse was acquired, restored and converted to the building that still remains our distinctive headquarters. At the early stages of digital marketing, we founded a spin-off company called synthesiSFactory, specialising in 3D animation and video. However with the rise of the internet, synthesiSFactory's focus quickly shifted to web services. In 2009 synthesiSFactory and Bureau Achten (re)merged into Bit Agency, to become a full-fledged web agency.

Our history


Though sponsoring usually has an exploitable commercial potential associated with it, we only do it for reasons of social responsibility. Bit Agency supports a couple of worthy causes, by providing time, knowledge and resources.

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Environmental Sustainability

Another part of our social responsibility is the environment, so we limit our impact. Foremost we take into account our power consumption. Bit Agency operates Photovoltaic (PV) systems on both of our buildings. In total we utilise 147 thin film solar panels. This results in a more than 60% reduction of our current annual power consumption. Of course it doesn’t stop there, we also use LED lighting for 95% of our fixtures and we operate a Heat Pump equipped HVAC system. Future equipment developments and acquisitions will lower our net power consumption even further.

Our datacenter partner Interconnect operates both our datacenter locations with a similar mindset. Dynamic Free Cooling (DC ‘s-Hertogenbosch) and Direct Free Cooling (DC Eindhoven) principles are used in conjunction with a Cold Corridor architecture. DC Eindhoven is one of the most effective datacenters in the Netherlands with a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating of 1.15.

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Clean green planet

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