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We are Bit Agency

We develop top quality web applications. We provide enterprise grade consultancy in all disciplines involved in creating, maintaining and improving websites, web applications and related technology. We create and implement new and existing web designs. And we provide enterprise class private cloud hosting for our products and services.

  • Web Development

    We develop top quality web applications which are not restricted to just providing information. We link your website to your local systems and to familiar sites, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Maps. These features are bundled in our own user-friendly CMS which enables you not just to manage the content with ease, but also to make it available for intranet applications selectively. Is a feature you want not available yet? Then we will tailor-make it for you.

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  • Consultancy

    Good advice is half the battle. As a client you simply can’t know everything about something that’s not your core business. However, our core business is precisely to know about topics like Web Development, Content Management, House-Style Development & Implementation, Usability, Corporate Identity, Responsive Design, SEO, SEA, Web Statistics & Analytics, Email Marketing, Social Media, Front Office & Third-party Integration and Web Services. To name 'a few'...

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  • Web Design

    The most important aspect of design is to successfully communicate information. The message itself is determined by you, but the design is a vital factor in just how the message is perceived by the target audience. We are experts in graphic and web design. It doesn't matter to us whether we need to design something completely new, evolve a design or implement an existing design or house-style. And of course our creativity goes hand in hand with our technical expertise.

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Bit Agency in numbers

Bit Agency is an innovative web agency, specialised in development of high-end web applications such as websites, intranets and various custom products. We work for medium and large (inter)national clients and are a leading developer for the recruitment industry. We are a partner of Randstad Holding and provide services to many Randstad Group companies worldwide.

Cheering crowd
Over 35 years of satisfied clients

Our 'CSS': Client Satisfaction and Success

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Cheering crowd
Over 35 years of satisfied clients

Our 'CSS': Client Satisfaction and Success

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Technology Partners

Bit Agency is partner to various global technology market leaders. Through their partnership programs, Bit Agency is able to provide high-end software, hardware and top quality development solutions.