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what we do:

  • consultancy

    Good advice is half the work. But as a principal you simply cannot know everything about the things which make up your core business. Our core business is precisely that: to know. And in particular, we work with topics like Content Management, House-Style Development and Implementation, Usability, Corporate Identity, (Interaction) Design, SEO, Web Statistics, Mailings, Social Media Integration, Web Services, RSS Feeds, Front Office and System Integration.

    If you're starting to get dizzy that's a good indication that you probably could make good use of our advice.
  • design

    For us, the most important aspect of design is communicating information successfully. The message itself is determined by the client, but the design is a vital factor in just how the message is perceived by the target group.

    We are specialists in graphic and web design. It doesn't matter to us whether it's about developing something completely new, or the evolution or application of an existing design or house-style. Our working area encompasses design for both internet media and the traditional print media. Our creativity goes hand in hand with our technical expertise.
  • development

    We develop top-quality web applications which are not restricted to just providing information. We link your website to your local systems, but also to familiar sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Maps. These features are bundled in our own user-friendly CMS which enables you not just to manage the content with ease, but also to make it available for intranet applications selectively. Is a feature you want not available yet? Then we will tailor-make it for you.

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  • Nationale Nederlanden
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  • Greycoat
  • Think in Cicles
    Think in Cicles
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    Bit Agency B.V.
    Vordingstraat 25
    6644 BG Ewijk
    The Netherlands

    T +31 (0) 487 524050


    K.v.K. Centraal Gelderland: 10031402
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